Ceiling Brush

white mixture brush head
tin plated ferrule
yellow plastic base, yellow hook
red plastic handle


Finest Quality Ceiling Brush Manufacturer

Zhenjiang RuiFeng Brush Co. Ltd is among the leading ceiling brush manufacturers in all over China. We are among the top companies due to the quality of our products and services that we deliver to our customers. We have our office in Jiangsu, China. We export our ceiling brushes all over the globe.

Why You Should Choose Our Ceiling Brush?

Being one of the top ceiling brush manufacturers, we focus on providing the best benefits to you. Quality and customer satisfaction are our priorities when it comes to our clients.

Benefits of Using Our Ceiling Brush


We use gentle and soft material for the brush. We have different types of ceiling brushes made from different raw materials but all are easy and comfortable to use. We use strong and long lasting ferrules to prevent them from separating.

Fine Quality Bristle

Our ceiling brushes have fine quality bristles to provide that texture feeling surface when you use them on your ceiling. The smoothness of the bristles will prevent friction between the ceiling and the brush.

Extendable Pole

We make the handle in a way that is easily extendable between the ranges of 27 to 47 inches. It can reach the highest ceiling and clean the hard to reach places.

Easy to Wash

No need to worry about cleaning the ceiling brush because it is easily detachable so that you can wash it. Just wash it with warm water and use it every day.