Paint Brush

high quality synthetic brush head
stainless steel ferrule
beech handle



Prime Quality Paint Brush Manufacturer in China

Zhenjiang RuiFeng Brush Co. Ltd is among the most reliable paint brush manufacturers all over China. We are among the top companies due to the export of the high quality products that we deliver to our clients around the world. Our prices are market competitive and as low as paint brushes wholesale rates.

Why You Should Select Our Paint Brush?

Zhenjuang RuiFeng’s main objective is to be the best paint brush manufacturers who are trusted by paint brush supplier. We aim to serve our clients to satisfy them and earn their trust. We focus on building a relationship with our clients that is long-lasting. We never compromise on our standards. We strictly maintain them so that our paint brush supplier expects the best from us.

Benefits of Our Paint Brush

Durable Material for Construction

We use strong and long-lasting materials for the durability of construction. We use a combination of raw materials to provide the required strength to the brush. The order of a paint brush supplier depends on the quality of the material because nobody wants to buy a new brush every other day.

Easy to Grip

The handles of our brush are comfortable and not slippery at all which makes them easy to hold and grip. They are the best when it comes to long hours of painting.

Different Sizes

We have all the sizes of paint brushes to paint walls, furniture, and even around light switches. Our paint brushes can paint any area you want. We value our customers the most and we make sure to give them our brushes at paint brushes wholesale rates.

Best Quality & Results

Our paint brushes deliver the high quality you expect to see. The greater quality leads to greater results. We also provide instructions to use the brush for best results. And even though, we offer our manufactured brushes at paint brushes wholesale price but they never lack in quality because we believe in value for money.