Wool Paint Brush

pure wool head
bamboo handle


Excellent Wool Paint Brush in China

Zhenjiang RuiFeng Brush Co. Ltd is the top and most reliable wool paint brush in China. We are best known for the best quality products all over China. We offer superior quality wool paint brushes at market competitive rates. We have a long tail of happy clients and we look forward to building a strong rapport with more satisfied clients.

Why Choose Our Wool Paint Brush?

Our company’s main motive is to build a strong and long-lasting rapport with our clients whether existing or new. We believe in developing trust in our clients regarding the quality of our products and services. We want our clients to be happy with our products and services so they become more like a family to us. Over the past 35 years, we have been maintaining our standards around the globe. We export our products to many countries and plan to expand our business in the coming years.

Benefits of Using Our Wool Paint Brush


The stiffness of our wool paint brushes makes them ideal to be used outdoors. Regardless of the different temperatures, our wool paint brush will not disappoint you. They are even humid resistant.

Unique Structure Formulation

We make our wool paint brushes with a unique structure that makes it convenient to lift an adequate amount of paint at a time. You will enjoy the smoothness of the application of our brushes.

Easy to Clean

No need to work hard and waste your time on cleaning the wool paint brush because our brushes are very easy to clean before the next use.