It’s not about how many designs you can paint to become a fantastic face painter. It’s more about being able to paint the most popular designs and having your consumers exclaim “WOW!”

Here is a list of the top 5 most popular face painting designs to help you construct a display board, practice with a purpose, and simplify your face painting life while still blowing your clients’ minds! If you enjoyed this mini-tutorial, you may want to check out our full-face painting guide for beginners.

Top 5 face painting design

This lesson’s top five designs are taught in an international level Face Painting School. They’ve been carefully chosen and presented in extensive video tutorials with supplementary text and scheme explanations about how to put students and achieve balance for the most effective instruction.

  • Twice dipped flowers

They’re quick and simple to paint like wall paint with a paint roller manufacturer of the best quality roller. And they’re a lifesaver at busy gatherings. One of the most important aspects of face painting is mastering the double-dip technique. 

You’ll be able to construct a wide range of designs after you’ve mastered it, starting with simple flowers of various sizes and colors and progressing to diverse clusters of petals that will help you decorate any girlie design.

  • One stroke roses 

Another thing to be aware of. Over the last 20 years, face painting has evolved dramatically, and one stroke is now one of the most valuable new techniques. Master the art of painting stunning one-stroke roses, and you’ll find that they’ll save you even more time. Your client’s mind will be blown away by even one nicely painted rose!

That’s why I’ve dedicated an entire Module in the School to this subject, where we start by nailing the strokes and work our way up to creating roses in various states of flowering.

  • Butterfly 

A butterfly should be able to be painted by any face painter. Many more masks are built on the basis of their geometry! This butterfly design is also very famous in wall designing category with ceiling brush manufacturers’ best quality the brush.

In school, I have a complete module dedicated to this subject. We begin by learning the proper geometry and rules for creating a perfect butterfly shape. Then analyzing the most common mistakes and how to avoid them, before moving on to five different butterfly designs that will train your hand and mind to paint any other butterfly design with ease using the knowledge and skills gained.

  • Fairies and princesses 

You can use this form to master fairy masks if you’ve mastered how to face paint a butterfly. There are a plethora of distinct fairy types, all of them are painted with one stroke or primarily with line work and feature double-dip flowers or one-stroke roses. 

We learn six fairy and princess designs at school, including a flower fairy, an angel, a heart princess, a winter (Elsa) design, a rainbow fairy, and a mermaid, which are the most requested. This design is also very famous in the wall designing category mainly with the usage of wool paintbrushes.

  • The Spider-Man

I don’t believe Spider-Man will go out of style in the near future. This is by far the most popular design among guys, so make sure you offer several varieties on your menu board.


These are only a few of the designs that we study at the International Face Painting School. But today there are many more types and kinds of face painting designs available because of its trending demand.



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